What can coaching do for me personally?

Do you feel overwhelmed by a deep dissatisfaction with your life, your relationships, your work and deeply thirst for fulfillment and personal satisfaction?  Do you have an idea of where you want to go with your life, relationship or career but don’t really know how to go about getting there? Are you struggling to make a tough decision? Do you lack confidence in yourself to make that career change or to go for that promotion but aren’t really sure what’s holding you back?  If so, coaching is definitely for you.

What can coaching do for me and my team?

Coaching is a co-operative process whereby Life Solutions Architect  partners with clients (you, as an individual, and/or your team alike) in a thought – provoking and creative process that inspires you and/or your team to maximise personal and professional potential by setting goals and mapping the way to achieving those goals, whatever those goals may be.


According to the Holmes and Rahe scale, divorce and marital separation rank in the top three of the most stressful life events a person can experience.  Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which can be used to resolve any type of dispute including divorce and relationship separation outside of the realm of acrimonious litigation.

Through mediation, Life Solutions Architect seeks to limit the stress and trauma disputes of this nature can cause parties and their children.

Choose to forgive: it’s good for you

During a discussion with my colleagues the other day, the questions, ‘What is forgiveness and why must we forgive?’ were posed. I glibly responded, ‘Well, it depends on who you ask.’ And it really does.


Michelle Shapiro is the brainchild and heart behind Life Solutions Architect.


During the past ten years successfully navigating the corporate world, Michelle discovered her passion for people, their personal and professional wellbeing as well as team conflict resolution and team development. She is a qualified commercial litigation attorney and has practiced as such in both global and national ‘Big Law’ law firms.


Michelle is a highly-skilled, solutions and action-driven coach who seeks to assist her clients in gaining deeper insights into themselves, their circumstances, their relationships, and their environments. No stranger to personal and professional hurdles, Michelle is passionate about helping both individuals and teams to overcome their obstacles, to reach their full-throttle potential and to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Michelle seeks to garner greater self-awareness in her clients in order to unleash their confidence, resilience, and inner strength and to empower them to lead self-actualised, successful, highly-motivated lives both personally and professionally.

In addition to being a coach, Michelle is also a qualified mediator. Using her unique blend of legal and psychology-related skills and experience, Michelle Shapiro is an empathetic listener able to break down complex legal issues for her clients, encourage a safe environment where the focus is on resolving the issues at hand whilst still being sensitive to her client’s emotions, feelings, and circumstances.


Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Law and Organisational Psychology as well as an LLB from Rhodes University, Grahamstown. In addition, Michelle has obtained an advanced Master’s degree in Air and Space Law from Leiden University, the Netherlands.


Michelle is a qualified Life and Executive Coach and an accredited Divorce Mediator.




Bachelor of Arts (Organisational Psychology and Law): Rhodes University, Grahamstown

LLB: Rhodes University, Grahamstown

Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa

Accredited Divorce Mediator

Advanced Masters (Air and Space Law): Leiden University

Accredited Life and Executive Coach (Success Factory)

Certificate in Counselling (Success Factory)


Michelle Shapiro


Mobile: +2782 358 0882

Email:    ​info@lifesolutionsarchitect.com

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