What can coaching do for me personally?

Do you feel overwhelmed by a deep dissatisfaction with your life, your relationships, your work and deeply thirst for fulfillment and personal satisfaction?  Do you have an idea of where you want to go with your life, relationship or career but don’t really know how to go about getting there? Are you struggling to make a tough decision? Do you lack confidence in yourself to make that career change or to go for that promotion but aren’t really sure what’s holding you back? Do you struggle with stress management, goal setting, action planning or reaching your full potential? Are you leading a fear-based life that’s holding you back from being happy and fulfilled? If so, coaching is definitely for you.

Coaching at Life Solutions Architect seeks to help you fast track your progress to achieving what you want to achieve (both personally and professionally) by helping you hone in on your goals, desires, and ambitions, take note of and address any obstacles in your way, and to really make use of all resources you have available to you to reach your greatest potential.

At Life Solutions Architect, we are here to serve you and to champion you on your journey to success. We seek to enhance your self-awareness by teaching you to have deeper insight and knowledge into yourself, your circumstances and environment to help you acknowledge and love your truly authentic self and to reach your full potential.

Using the Life Solutions Architect coaching model, we will help you identify opportunities, new perspectives and possibilities that you may have been blind to before. Together, we will come up with a clear action plan to reach your goals and to have the confidence and courage to rise to the occasion should any obstacles meet your path.  Life Solutions Architect will walk with you on your path to personal greatness.

Make today your last day of inaction. Take that first step to success by booking a consultation with us today. It’ll change your life. 


What can coaching do for me and my team?

Does your team or team member struggle with stress and/or crisis management, performance/productivity levels, professionalism, attitude, communication skills, resource and financial management and other poor performance-related behaviours? Do you know what is preventing your team or team member from moving forward or performing at full capacity? Do you believe that your team or team member is full of potential but simply not quite meeting your expectations? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, then coaching is your solution.

Life Solutions Architect coaches to a five-phase coaching model through engagement with both the team or team member and the team or team member’s organisation. Life Solutions Architect seeks to foster a constructive and positive change in a team or team member’s behaviour and output in accordance with the outcomes set by the team or team member and the team or team member’s organisation, by challenging limiting beliefs and engaging the team or team member to encourage deeper insight, knowledge and self-awareness in themselves.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a co-operative process.   Life Solutions Architect partners with clients (you, as an individual, and/or your team alike) in a thought-provoking and creative process that seeks to inspire you and/or your team to maximise both personal and professional potential. 

To do this, Life Solutions Architect will guide you in setting goals, mapping the way to achieving those goals, and overcoming any obstacles that may present themselves.

Through the process of coaching, Life Solutions Architect will assist you and/or your team in finding solutions to enable you to move from where you are to where you want to be. In other words, coaching occurs in the space between the current state of being and the desired state of being.

You and/or your team will set the topic or topics of the coaching conversation. Acting as a sounding board, and through the use of specific communication skills, questioning techniques, and coaching tools, Life Solutions Architect will lead you and/or your team to new insights, decisions, actions to be taken and to your desired outcomes.

What is the role of the Life Solutions Architect coach?


Every one of us has a wealth of hidden, untapped potential. Whilst most of us may have an inkling that our potential to achieve our goals and to reach our desired state of being is within us, we simply don’t know how to go about unlocking that potential, or simply don't know how to overcome the obstacles blocking us from making progress.

Enter the Life Solutions Architect coach.

A Life Solutions Architect coach is there to act as an objective sounding board to individuals and teams alike in plotting pathways to success and unlocking the potential within them to achieve what they have set out to achieve. A Life Solutions Architect coach will seek to support, encourage and promote proactive, positive, well-thought-out planning, decision-making and actioning in individuals and teams alike, to enable them to find the answers they seek, identify new possibilities, come to resolutions, make decisions and to gain insight into themselves, each other and their environment along the way.

Through the use of specialised communication skills and powerful questioning techniques, a Life Solutions Architect coach is able to assist an individual or team in recognizing the resources available to them or the resources needed to achieve their goals, and in honing in on the actions that need to be taken by the individual or teams to achieve the outcomes they have set out to achieve. 

A Life Solutions Architect coach will be a team or individual’s personal champion, and will seek to assist them in identifying real possibilities and opportunities open to them. The Life Solutions Architect coach will manoeuvre the team or individual towards fresh, alternative perspectives and highlight blind-spots that may hinder their progress.

A Life Solutions Architect coach will seek to foster the individual’s or team’s sense of self-awareness as well as their awareness of others and to encourage, motivate, guide and shift them towards their desired state of being.