According to the Holmes and Rahe scale, divorce and marital separation rank in the top three of the most stressful life events a person can experience.  Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which can be used to resolve any type of dispute including divorce and relationship separation outside of the realm of acrimonious litigation.

Through mediation, Life Solutions Architect seeks to limit the stress and trauma disputes of this nature can cause parties and their children. Life Solutions Architect seeks to assist clients to collaborate with one another to plot their ‘new normal’ apart, to reach a mutually agreeable settlement in relation to the division of their assets, and to conclude parenting plans in the best interests of their children.

Why choose Life Solutions Architect to conduct your mediation?

Michelle Shapiro a qualified attorney and has practised as such for over a decade.  She is an accredited divorce mediator through LLSA Lead and holds a qualification in counselling. Using her unique blend of legal and psychology-related skills and experience, Michelle Shapiro is an empathetic listener able to break down complex legal issues for her clients, encourage a safe environment where the focus is on resolving the issues at hand whilst still being sensitive to her client’s emotions, feelings and circumstances.


In addition to conducting the mediation itself, Michelle will prepare all settlement agreements and parenting plans to bring your dispute to a conclusion.

Where you are not legally represented, Michelle will refer you to her network of attorneys to assist you in finalizing your dispute in court where necessary.

Where possible, she tries to accommodate her clients’ busy schedules and early morning/later evening or Saturday mediations may be arranged.

Why mediate not litigate?

Research has shown mediation to be up to 70% cheaper than litigation. Mediation is often preferable to litigation as it is a far more amicable, quicker and cost-effective method of resolving a potentially traumatic personal dispute.

What kind of disputes can mediation resolve?

Mediation can be used to resolve all types of disputes, whether personal or commercial. At Life Solutions Architect we focus on disputes relating to all types of personal relationships including but not limited to those arising out of:

  • A marriage (civil and religious unions)

  • Customary unions

  • A partnership agreement

  • Parties cohabiting with one another.

Mediation is suitable in circumstances where:

  • The parties are unable to resolve their disputes themselves without third party intervention but would prefer to do so amicably and not acrimoniously

  • Parties need to continue to have a relationship with one another after separation or divorce

  • The parties have children with one another and need to regulate their ongoing care and contact

  • The parties have businesses with one another and need to regulate the ongoing conduct of their businesses

  • The parties need assistance in dividing their assets/their estates


Life Solutions Architect quotes on costs upfront so that our clients are able to budget for their mediation with certainty.

Contact us today for a detailed quote.